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Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

There is a common association between Japan and weird things. From bizarre toys to talking toilets, the west has become pretty obsessed by Japan, mostly to finger point and furrow our brows at crabs in vending machines and grown men dressed as school girls. Great shows like Adam and Joe Go Tokyo and Jonathan Ross’ […]

Nine Good Teeth

“Everybody thinks of my mother as some kind of a saint because she’s this fragile little old woman. My mother was a pistol. Sometimes she was a witch. Even my father, and everybody trembled before my father’s wrath, my father found her to be a tiger… she was something to be contended with.” Alex Halpern’s […]

Revenge of the Electric Car

I first watched a screener of Revenge of the Electric Car back in October when working for BBC Storyville and it has now finally reached UK cinemas. The film is a surprisingly engaging and exciting look into the world of electric vehicle manufacturing- not a subject upon which I would normally be attracted to watching […]

5 Broken Cameras

Since working on The Price of Kings documentary series for my company Spirit Level Film, I have grown an increasing interest in documentary film which focuses on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Whilst studying History & Politics at University, I stayed away from this issue completely, considering it too complicated and far too polarizing. Most people I […]

The Great Book Robbery

Hello! After several months of neglect, farfromthesilverscreen is finally back, alive and kicking! Why the hiatus in my writing, I hear you ask? Well, I’ve been busy working in my new role as Production Assistant for London production company Spirit Level Film and my only real excuse is that my brain has been totally dominated […]

Dear Errol Morris, Your Work Is Boring & I Don’t Understand It

A note before commencing reading: Usually, my blog posts are only focussed on films that I think are awesome. This week, I’m changing tack quite dramatically by writing about films that I really dislike. I’m hoping that it may inspire some debate amongst readers, maybe someone can prove me wrong or convince me to embrace […]

5th BFI Future Film Festival

Yesterday I attended the 5th BFI Future Film Festival at the BFI Southbank, an event which aims to showcase young and talented filmmakers, as well as providing under-25s who want to get a foot in the industry with advice and knowledge from industry experts. Since my interest lies in primarily in documentary film, I was […]