Back in February 2012 this was one of my most anticipated documentaries of the year, and last week I finally got to watch the film which documented the build-up to, and aftermath of the last show of one of my favourite bands: LCD Soundsystem. It was back in February 2010 when James Murphy, the band’s […]

“Everybody thinks of my mother as some kind of a saint because she’s this fragile little old woman. My mother was a pistol. Sometimes she was a witch. Even my father, and everybody trembled before my father’s wrath, my father found her to be a tiger… she was something to be contended with.” Alex Halpern’s […]

I first watched a screener of Revenge of the Electric Car back in October when working for BBC Storyville and it has now finally reached UK cinemas. The film is a surprisingly engaging and exciting look into the world of electric vehicle manufacturing- not a subject upon which I would normally be attracted to watching […]

Since working on The Price of Kings documentary series for my company Spirit Level Film, I have grown an increasing interest in documentary film which focuses on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Whilst studying History & Politics at University, I stayed away from this issue completely, considering it too complicated and far too polarizing. Most people I […]

I’ve been itching to write about this film for a long time, having first watched an advance copy whilst at the BBC. This film won’t be out for a while in the UK (I presume) since it’s still making the rounds in the US but hopefully it will get to our screens as soon as […]

Part of Nelson Mandela’s promise to his people, once winning the first multi-racial, democratic election in South African memory, was that he would help to ensure that his people had homes to live in. It wouldn’t happen overnight, he said, the people would have to be patient but the government would eventually build enough homes […]

Hello! After several months of neglect, farfromthesilverscreen is finally back, alive and kicking! Why the hiatus in my writing, I hear you ask? Well, I’ve been busy working in my new role as Production Assistant for London production company Spirit Level Film and my only real excuse is that my brain has been totally dominated […]