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Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

There is a common association between Japan and weird things. From bizarre toys to talking toilets, the west has become pretty obsessed by Japan, mostly to finger point and furrow our brows at crabs in vending machines and grown men dressed as school girls. Great shows like Adam and Joe Go Tokyo and Jonathan Ross’ […]

Call Me Kuchu

Homosexuality is still taboo in many societies throughout the world. One such society is the East-African country of Uganda, which has become renowned for its hostile attitude towards LGBT communities following recent legislative attempts to make homosexual acts punishable by death. Now a new documentary shows us first hand the atrocities that take place on […]

Turned towards the Sun

This biographical documentary (which was shown at this year’s BFI London Film Festival) explores the extraordinary life of Micky Burn, an English poet with a thousand fascinating stories to tell. ‘Turned Towards the Sun’ follows the 97-year-old war veteran as he re-examines his past, travelling between Wales, France and Germany to reflect on the multitude […]


Hello! Apologies that things have once again gone quiet on this blog. I’ve just begun writing for the awesome documentary news and reviews website Docgeeks, and they’ve been keeping me very busy. You can check out all my reviews on the site here:

Lonely Swallows

As mentioned in my quick post on Friday, this weekend has played host to London’s Japanese Film Festival Zipangu Fest. Yesterday I went along to the amazing Cinema Museum in Kennington, London to see a documentary which aimed to shed light on a little-known community within Japanese society. ‘Lonely Swallows: Living as Children of Migrant […]

Shut Up and Play the Hits

Back in February 2012 this was one of my most anticipated documentaries of the year, and last week I finally got to watch the film which documented the build-up to, and aftermath of the last show of one of my favourite bands: LCD Soundsystem. It was back in February 2010 when James Murphy, the band’s […]

Nine Good Teeth

“Everybody thinks of my mother as some kind of a saint because she’s this fragile little old woman. My mother was a pistol. Sometimes she was a witch. Even my father, and everybody trembled before my father’s wrath, my father found her to be a tiger… she was something to be contended with.” Alex Halpern’s […]