Monthly Archives: February 2012

Dear Errol Morris, Your Work Is Boring & I Don’t Understand It

A note before commencing reading: Usually, my blog posts are only focussed on films that I think are awesome. This week, I’m changing tack quite dramatically by writing about films that I really dislike. I’m hoping that it may inspire some debate amongst readers, maybe someone can prove me wrong or convince me to embrace […]

5th BFI Future Film Festival

Yesterday I attended the 5th BFI Future Film Festival at the BFI Southbank, an event which aims to showcase young and talented filmmakers, as well as providing under-25s who want to get a foot in the industry with advice and knowledge from industry experts. Since my interest lies in primarily in documentary film, I was […]

Want to know my most anticipated documentaries for 2012?

Just a short post here since the title pretty much says it all… I’ve joined up with my fellow blogger Alex over at his site You Know The Score (YKTS) and together we’ve formed a list of our top films for 2012. Whilst Alex covers the ones to watch from Hollywood and Independent cinema, I […]

When the Mountains Tremble

The United States has a long history of involving itself in conflicts that arguably it shouldn’t have done. Most of these were fuelled by the Cold War, when the US decided to intervene in various civil and political conflicts around the world in order to try and preserve ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ against the evils of […]