Welcome, let’s talk about film… and weird 70s animated sci-fi

Hello folks,

So… I have started a blog. This is a step which I am certainly mighty unsure about, but I’m giving it a go because after recently working as an intern at the BBC’s international documentary strand Storyville I have been exposed to a large number of fantastic films that I feel I need to share in some form with the wider interweb-based world. I also feel compelled to start this blog because I am currently unemployed once more, so it will give me some source of structure in an otherwise mind-numbingly empty period in my life, until I start my next internship at a small production company in December.

Why have I chosen film as the subject of my blog? Well, I have recently developed a real interest in weird/lesser-known/independent/foreign films, which probably (though I cannot pinpoint an exact trigger) began when I watched the somewhat baffling and downright unnerving sci-fi animation La Planète Sauvage (The Fantastic Planet).

To quickly try and sum up this film without launching into a full commentary on it is pretty difficult, here are the basics:

  • It’s a freakish, amazingly animated story of a strange world inhabited by huge, blue, soft-voiced aliens and who keep tiny little primitive humans (which they call ‘Oms’) as pets.
  • One human escapes with a piece of alien technology, which teaches him all about the world and it’s workings.
  • He then meets other wild humans, passes on his new-found knowledge, and inspires them all to go about causing trouble for their big, blue overlords.

The film, directed by René Laloux, which won the second jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, really is quite bizarre to watch. The story fails to sink in as you view it, the mad plot and the even madder visuals just kind of wash over you. It’s only upon reflection that you realise what a mind-blowing film it is. I’m not sure I can give any more insight than that. Watch it, and see what you think. You will probably conclude as I did: weird stuff. Very weird stuff.

Here’s a taster for you to enjoy:

If my post has compelled you to watch it, please let me know what you think!



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